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 An intimate peek into my life and escapades..

As a true creative fashion & beauty artist by trade,I put a lot of time and thought behind ALL my photoshoots, from scouting location/aesthetics, to the actual "look" (hair & minimal makeup) and outfits because I want to represent myself to the true core and essence of my personality..Free spirited, sensual and playful. I've literally been directing, styling and editing my own shoots since 2009. I'm also a huge outdoors person and you can see that reflected in the majority of my shoots. Nothing beats natural 

lighting in my opinion.I also have a small confession to make,I'm not a fan of most lingerie, (too strappy,too lacy,too constricted,too delicate,too uncomfortable & ridiculous)I also don't like wearing the same outfits as all the other providers out there,never really been my thing..I'm pretty much the undisputed queen of comfy & practical bodysuits instead,If you couldn't already tell,leopard print (is pretty much my signature look since my exotic dancer days) all shades of pink, black & gold (as in 14k gold ) are my favorite colors of all time.

So if you would like to gift me something, even if it's not something I would personally pick out,(it's the thought that counts)it still makes it special.If the mood strikes me,I will snap a pic and add it to my latest photo album.


My photos~ Yes,they are all mine and updated often..My pro pictures are compliments of some of the best in West Coast lady photographers and you will also find a selection of my favorite  photobooth & selfies.....tasteful,yet sensual, playful, glam,erotic art and just  me living in the moment feeling frisky taken by yours truly.. If you are looking for explicit or raunchy you won't find it here..

~All my photos are authentic and accurate,and I keep them current with a few oldies,but goodies thrown in the mix, most have been lightly edited minus the heavy airbrushing( I do all the touchups personally) ..My first official "PRO" shoot was done by the now defunct Peek a Boo images and still some of my most favorite shoots to this day.I shot with Ms. Peek a Boo on 3 different occasions,and loved ALL of them but I'm especially partial to my

 GG bridge shoot. We literally shot all day in the best weather.After the shoot,I was given the sim card

and all the thousands of raw images.My total package price? $200. Now days,so called escort turned "pro" fauxtographers want to charge

you $800 minimum with 4 images airbrushed/photoshopped to death that look basically nothing like you and lengthy turn around time. Say what? Most shoots these days

aren't even creative with zero imagination but carbon copies off each other.Can't say I've even been WOW'd by any shoots I've seen in the past 10 years other than my own. LMAO..It's a myth that you need to spend a ton to get great photos,don't listen to the ones that say otherwise, they are full of it..Truth be told as someone in the industry for many years, I find most over hyped in general and defintely not worth the price.Ummm,can you say ripoff? 






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