❤︎ Delilah Amour ❤︎


A true blue California native gal ,and proud Gen X-er ( we rule the world don't cha know)?! )born on a full moon one hot August summer & raised in various picturesque & outdoorsy itty bitty,off the grid, unincorporated rural logging towns throughout this beautiful state, to an awesome blue collar family and upbringing.My heart lies in fashion and am greatly influenced by the vibrant & oh so chic fashion capitals (Miami & Los Angeles) effortless So-Cal beachy-bohemian gal meets South Beach glamorama gal with my own 


unique one of a kind style & flare, with a 50/50 mix of tomboy (I prefer the company of guys over gals doing typical fun"dude"things like attending classic car & bike shows) and girly girl..Depending on the mood or occasion,I can be low key or flashy ,but pretty much live in active wear like yoga pants,crop tops, & Chuck Taylors..I'm not high maintenance even tho I may look the part..HAHA. An unconventional sassy & spicey soulful creative free spirit type with a dry wit and charm.

I value experiences over material things especially if they depreciate.

Never one to follow the crowd (I don't require fancy overpriced lingerie, handbags and Micheline rated dining excursions to be happy) and not the generic girl next door thankfully, (always did find her a little boring) and definitely have never been the nerdy awkward type at all.A typical,classic INTJ / introvert, no nonsense personality ,meaning you will not see us at any roof top parties or anywhere there is a rowdy crowd with the exception of the occassional ball game, or low key event ,we aren't usually known for being social butterflies or the life of the party, a more intimate & relaxing one on one is definitely more our style.Quiet candlelit dinners for two are a personal favorite.


I was very fortunate to have graduated from a (top secret)Cosmetology school & worked many years as a licensed stylist/makeup artist & esthetician and also dabbled a bit as an exotic dancer for 10 years too(sexy lapdance anyone)?*naughty grin*  

now turned FBSM extraordinaire and going strong.. 




If you're looking for a surgically enhanced 20-something,then I'm not for you..All of my god given beauty is au naturel (5ft1,115lbs)including my thick and silky soft platinum blonde sunstreaked hair..Petite,hourglass figure with a sleek,yet strong and athletic build..As a former esthetician,I am very aware of the importance of skin care 

 maintenance and am always checking out the latest in non toxic,cruelty free, eco friendly lotions & potions, various beauty treatments,tons of 

 H2o and way too much sleep to keep me looking and feeling like a million bucks..Also a huge bath person and 

my nightly ritual before bed is luxuriating in a tub filled with aromatic,essential oils,bath salts or relaxing herbal blends just 

enough to ease me into dreamland.


In my downtime,I can be found relaxing in a Korean day spa,a divey (non hipster coffee house) or far far away from City life knee deep in the great outdoors decompressing & relaxing whether hiking,biking or near a body of water (any excuse to get out of the City really) or perhaps wandering the isles of an old bookstore.. my other passions include: photography,roadtrips all over the West Coast, historical small towns,casinos,wellness,superfoods,organics, flowers(especially pink & white),billiards,reading,travel,exploring new cities and cultures gives me a greater appreciation for the wonders and diversity of this planet and openmindedness is a beautiful thing,right?

I got my love for sports,nature & classic cars from my dad and my love for motorcycles, plants, crystals,gemstones,

 new agey stuff,metaphysical , health(hippy) food from my momma,yep, before organic and "garden to table" became cool,hip and trendy buzzwords..

 I am by no means a "foodie"and gawd that word makes me cringe ,but I adore fresh seafood,japanese,dim sum,vegetarian,mexican,indian & mediterranean style cuisine)Did I mention I

LOOOVE sushi? ! I'm also a bit of a domestic goddess and love prepping & getting creative in the kitchen whipping up uber healthy vegetarian meals & experimenting with different spices & cuisines from around the world,fresh juicing & smoothies on the daily..I actually prefer my healthy home cooking over fancy Michelin star 10 course tasting menu places and rarely eat out unless being wined and dined by one of my gentlemen friends and will never turn down a sushi date.

  Hot pilates,Hatha yoga, weight training,biking & hiking to keep fit..









*I've been swimming and skiing since I was five years old & have other mad survival skills you might be surprised to learn that comes from growing up in a rural environment.

*I brew my own fresh, local dark roast coffee every morning,even when I travel,sorry Starbucks,I don't love you.

* I have a weakness for avocados and eat one almost daily,sometimes two.

*Music truly moves me,from 90's grunge & alternative,70's rock,trip hop,electronic,spanish guitar,downtempo,reggae,classical piano, r&b, & neo soul.Everything I grew up with I still enjoy

jamming out too such as Queen,Fleetwood Mac,Santana,and many other influential artists to this day..You won't find a person with more diverse taste in music as yours truly.

*I love thrift store shopping,(yep,since my highschool days)it's a guilty pleasure of mine & I always get lucky & manage to find a gem or two.

*I prefer books over kindles,as I love the smell and feel & I also collect old coffee table books & original 1970's Playboy mags. One can never have too many books.Used bookstores are one of my favorite haunts..

* I have unusually good luck at the casinos. Maybe I can be your lucky charm?

*I have a gazillion (I've lost count) real, live houseplants from tropical plants to succulents,as a kid I grew up with a houseful.(I don't do artificial plants,flowers or X-mas trees)Just call me the plant whisperer.. ;p

Something about having a bit of the outdoors indoors that's very refreshing & soothing to the soul..

*I loving rocking & collecting 60's/70's vintage fashion,(especially Emillio Pucci,Channel,Versace & Gucci)it's my ultimate favorite. It's a well known fact Leos are natural born fashionistas.

*I was gifted with a natural rhythmn & have a background in dance ranging from latin salsa,belly dance &

hip hop, and I have some serious sultry moves to WOW you with. :D

*My other career choice would be forensics, interior decorator,fashion designer/

professional boudoir/outdoor photographer, or working on a sanctuary with animals.

*My personal goal is to visit all 7 continents and at least 100 countries

in my lifetime.

*I adore all animals,they seriously melt my heart (Lions, Pitbulls & Persians ..OH MY!) 

*I like the city,but LOVE the country more.Nature grounds me and keeps me balanced and 

my heart belongs to the mountains and wooded forests.

*I find a roaring fire in a wood burning fireplace ultra cozy.

*Can't imagine living anywhere but California & the West

 Coast ,with the exception of the PNW or Hawaii,which I've traveled to

1000 times over and more..Oceans,rivers,palm trees,deserts,redwoods,snow

mountains,culture, diversity, the vibe,energy and realness of the people.

So proud to call this place home..









Things that don't interest or impress me at all.

( A small list)

*Caviar/Foies Gras/Fur

*Jimmy Choos/Louboutins,

(I find them um, ultra tacky

and totally not my style) LOL

*Overpriced couture clothing.

unless one of a kind or vintage

*$10,000 handbags,again tacky.


in general.

*Keto/Paleo/or any other

 "hot" or fad  diets

 *Celebrity worship

*"NEW" San Francisco..it sucks.:(

*Modern, highrise buildings

Altho,I do have a slight fascination

with log cabins, victorians, 

1920's & 1930's Hollywood style

bungalows & spanish style homes.. 






Charities I proudly support,and if you are feeling so inclined to share the love,here's a few I suggest..





                          -DEVOUR -

         In need of a dining companion?

Dinner + Dessert = One Very Happy Delilah

            (Inquire within for rates)

   Enhance your evening and spice up your night with yours truly..

 I love extended dates & am more than happy to curate our special

 night together as I'm highly skilled in planning and organizing or

 if you have a  place in mind,let me know.

 From old school SF to the ultra fancy,I know all the 

   culinary hot spots and hole in the walls in town,

     and would love to be your +1..Stimulating conversation

 or we can savor the silence over a great meal and good company.

 FYI-I'm not your stereotypical cliche'd gal in this business that 

 REQUIRES fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant (eye roll) as I'm very 

 flexible when it comes to most food,however I have a penchant towards

  a vegetarian/pescatarian diet.Japanese cuisine sushi/nigiri in particular

  is my most favorite,followed by California cuisine, Mexican & Mediterranean..

  I don't drink alcohol & my imbibe of choice is generally something 

fresh & fruity,herbal tea or icewater,but don't mind if you do..


            No more lonely tables for one..

           The possibilities are endless..





           Q's & A's With Miss Delilah..


Q:Why do you blur your face?

A:Cause I'm ugly,DUH..all kidding aside, :D Why do 99% of companions blur their face?We have a "normal" life

outside of this surreptitious, sexy world and it's all about discretion baby!


Q:What do you love most about the "job"?

A:I truly appreciate this industry for all of the places it has taken me and the incredible gents I have met through the years.I enjoy being my own boss of course,the flexibility of setting my own schedule, and building long lasting friendships with appreciative

gentlemen,(I seriously have the best client friends on the planet) who need a dose of TLC from time to time..It doesn't get any better than that and of course visiting all the divine hotels & restaurants all over the City, it's

seriously like a little mini vacation for me..And who doesn't love being treated like a queen by some of the sweetest gents around??Not too mention,my clients often tell me they feel more comfortable around me than some of their closest friends.My connections and experiences here have provided me with the platform to persue lifelong passions and grow as a woman... I owe my success and longevity to consistency ,I'm not a "brand"(whatever that means) nor do I do believe in "rebranding" 

 changing names or emails & phone numbers a 100 times or 4 different personas.I am unapologetically & authentically ME (what you see is what you get) & I keep my website/ad venues fresh & current

and handle all my business on my own without an assistant,as I am a one (wo)man show in a competitive market in  

the most expensive city in the world.


Q:What types of men do you enjoy meeting?

A:San Francisco being a major hub (financial & tech) for non stop action, tourism and major conventions year round,I am fortunate enough to meet some of the most interesting,sweet,sincere & influencial(NON HOBBYISTS) in the U.S & all over the world and I seem to attract the best guys on the planet. *humble brag*I am honored by those who choose to spend time with me..



Q:Do you offer more than a FBSM? 

A:No,I am a niche provider and offer something very unique in the industry which requires a very specific skill set & have only ever provided sensual massage and full service and escort services are never an option.

I am comfortable offering what I do without all the extras...FBSM is my natural calling and this is where I focus ALL my energy and there are plenty

 of men out there that simply enjoy a women's touch,the closeness & connection and are not looking for

anything more intimate than that.


Q:Do you have reviews? How do I know you are the real deal?

A:Reviews are one thing,testimonials are a whole 'nother thing..Thankfully,ALL the reviews sites

have been shut down.I appreciate no mentions,reviews or commentary about me or our encounter on

public/private forums or review boards. They are uneccessary and passe'.Other grown men shouldn't make their decisions on who to see

from other anonymous men,and should do their own research.

 The outstanding men I meet with,thankfully do not rely on or subscribe to "review culture", or the opinions of others & their fantasy tales,but instead get a feel for the *real* me,through my website,photos & social media.Reviews will not make nor break me,but, rest assured, I will *always*maintain my stellar 5 star solid gold reputation with or without the help of reviews thankyou very much..:)


Q:How old are you?

A:How rude! Just kidding.. :)Hey, A lady doesn't kiss & tell. Well I'm sorry to say I'm not a college co-ed,far from it,but

old enough to get into a bar and not quite ready for my AARP membership yet.I magically stopped aging 

in my 30's..


Q:Do you travel with your favorite clients to destinations out of the country?

A:Altho I've had many offers, that would be a nope,as a hardcore introvert,I prefer to stay closer to home and only

travel when it's not work related. Vacation is "me"time only..


 *Thankyou fellas for your continuous love ,support and generosity,I adore y'all !



Your Spicey & Sensual Minx