❤︎ Delilah La Purr ❤︎


Me in a few words..  A well rounded West Coaster gal.. A zesty blend of sensitive, but strong, spiritual, a sparkling(5 carat) diamond with a whole lotta sass .Very independent ,maverick and self motivated .Unpretentious,perceptive,open minded and passionate. You will never see me using corny cliches and over used played out adjectives such as sophisticated, classy, exclusive, upscale and VIP .And I definitely have my moments of being a silly gal with an insane sense of humor and an edgy mysterious side. I'm often guilty of laughing out loud at inappropriate times. (I'm rarely on social media)and very unconventional..A force of nature,I'm often told I look intimidating in real life,must be that BLE (BIG Leo Energy) that I throw off with my slow strut and commanding presence of an ultra confident lady lion roaming the jungle. I don't fit in many boxes used by society. I bring my vibrant wit and spirited enthusiasm to every encounter.

I'm a catalyst for pleasure, sensation,eroticism and passion ..

Oh and there's only ONE original Delilah with Dangerous Curves & Attitude To Match! 


Hello Ya'll~

Born in California, (A U.S Forest Service brat from birth to high school)yes, but I would never refer to myself as the "quintessential" California girl as no such thing even exists and truthfully sounds a bit supercilious)and California is a beautiful melting pot of ALL ethnicities and cultures . A proud Gen X-er here as well ( we rule the world don't cha know)?! )on a full moon one hot August summer & raised in various picturesque & outdoorsy itty bitty,off the grid,unincorporated rural logging forests & towns,most I'm sure you've never even heard of, throughout this beautiful state, to an awesome blue collar family and upbringing.

 As a first born only daughter with no sisters,I have always preferred the company of guys over gals doing typical fun"dude"things like attending classic car & bike shows ,monster truck rallies & adventurous outdoorsy things.Hanging out with groups of girls discussing shopping for clothes ,shoes, expensive lingerie ,dinners, hand bags, hair conditioner and other meaningless bs was never my thing.I prefer to discuss saving the ocean,forests,animals & THE WORLD! 

I'm drawn to authentic people of substance..I love to explore minds,places,tastes,thoughts and exotic cultures..And nope as a true introvert (since childhood) you won't find me active in any girly centric twitter spaces or forums. Can't relate to most these days tbh. I'm the true definition of a lone wolf introvert with the exception of maybe ONE good friend.I mean that's all you really need right?Depending on the mood or occasion,my personal style has always been PNW meets So Cal..think flannels & boots meets yoga pants,boho & lots of faux fur, thrift store chic. Chuck Taylors & flip flops,but generally I keep it "California casual". And I tend to get compliments everywhere I go on my unique & funky sense of style.

It's a well known fact Leos are natural born trendsetters & fashionistas.

I'm not high maintenance at all ( I don't do bougie or fancy) even tho I may look the part sometimes-It literally only takes me 5 minutes to get ready for ANY occasion.My favorite look is messy beach hair/ponytail & bare feet TBH.I  do not care for new high end fashion at all,it screams very stuffy ,pretentious and dull. West coast laid back style is definitely the BEST. 

I value experiences over material things especially if they depreciate.

  I don't require or collect overpriced lingerie, handbags and Micheline rated dining as I find all of it phony and utterly boring) I'm probably the only provider out there who does not drink alcohol. Just your typical,classic INTJ / introvert, no nonsense personality ,meaning you will not see us at any trendy roof top parties or anywhere there is a rowdy crowd with the exception of the occassional ball game, or low key event ,street fairs,etc.We aren't usually known for being social butterflies or the life of the party, a more intimate & relaxing one on one is definitely more our style. Quiet & cozy candlelit dinners for two are a personal favorite. I definitely have much appreciation for the simple things in life.




I was never one to follow the crowd or go the conventional route even at an early age,I had absolutely ZERO interest or desire in attending a traditional university, getting a masters or Phd,blah blah boring.. (altho,I'll admit, they threw some awesome parties) LOL and was destined to follow my creative passions instead and attend and eventually graduate from a (top secret)Cosmetology school & worked almost 10 + years as a licensed cosmetololgist.I'm formally trained in hair, esthetics & nails. I found hair & skin care the most interesting of course and the nail curriculum the least.(I've styled for plenty of fashion shows and photoshoots among other special events) Even worked for Glamour Shots for a short stint. HAHA, I will say that even in the beauty industry my most favorite & generous clients were ALWAYS the men! :)NO surprise there.I also dabbled a bit as an exotic dancer for 10 years too, back when the money grew on trees..(sexy lapdance anyone)?*naughty grin*  

now turned FBSM extraordinaire and going strong..




GREAT things come in petite packages....

If you're looking for a surgically enhanced 20-30 something,then I'm not for you..All of my god given beauty is  100 % au naturale. 

Non GMO & organic with no preservatives added .Blessed with a perfect height of 5ft,115lbs(I love being a shorty gal)hourglass figure with a sleek,yet strong and athletic build..

..Also a huge bath person 

my nightly ritual before bed is luxuriating in a warm tub filled with aromatic,essential oils,CBD bath salts or relaxing herbal blends & elixirs, lotions and potions   

just enough to ease me into dreamland.For body, bath & candle scents I tend to go for coconut, vanilla,sandlewood,tonka bean, jasmine & fruity.When not crafting my own home made soy candles,I also love cedar wood and various other woodsy scents.


When not catering to you ,you will usually find me channeling my inner Martha Stewart (cooking, baking and crafting)In my downtime,I'm a big ol home body,(nothing like home sweet home)and love spending time chillin in my cozy bohemian jungle style escape,filled with plants,books,good music,candles and my art that I create myself or gardening...I watch A LOT OF tv too,probably too much(documentaries,historical dramas, classics and horror movies)..I can also be found repurposing,upcycling, art stuff. Crafting & creating is my first love and have been doing it my whole life.I also enjoy photography,as you can see I literally take pix of EVERYTHING everywhere I go..  I also love & enjoy browsing thrift stores ,flea markets & hippy stores stocking up on incense & crystals, relaxing in a day spa,a divey (non hipster coffee house) or far far away from City life getting down and dirty knee deep in the great outdoors decompressing & relaxing whether hiking,biking or near a body of water (any excuse to get out of the City really) or perhaps wandering the isles of an old used bookstore.,my other passions include: volunteering (roadtrips all over the West Coast, historical small towns,old architecture, Latin American /Hawaiian/Polynesisan art, history and cultural events. As much as I like to travel,I am equally comfortable in my home sweet

home along with all my creature comforts catching up on all my favorite shows, reading a good book, getting creative with some art or cooking up delicious recipes.

Casinos, health & wellness,superfoods,organics, flowers(especially pink & white),billiards,reading,travel,exploring places gives me a greater appreciation for the wonders and diversity of this planet and openmindedness is a beautiful thing,right?As a true free spirit,I delight in immersing 

myself in new  or old places, diverse culture, and finding hidden gems along the way..

I got my love for nature & classic cars (60's & 70's) as in lowriders from my dad and my love for motorcycles, plants, gardening, herbalism,crystals,gemstones,

 new agey /metaphysical  stuff and fresh home cooked healthy,nutririous food from my momma,yep, before organic and "garden to table" became cool,hip and trendy buzzwords..My mom was always the "cool" mom everyone wished was their mom.

   I also love fresh seafood,japanese, tex mex ,dim sum,vegetarian,mexican,indian/paki & mediterranean style cuisine and the real peeps know the best ethnic food always comes from the hole in the walls..Did I mention I also

LOOOVE sushi and Baja style fish tacos? ! I'm also a bit of a domestic goddess and love prepping & getting creative in the kitchen whipping up uber healthy vegetarian meals,I actually prefer my healthy home cooking over fancy Michelin star 10 course tasting menu places and rarely eat out unless being wined and dined by one of my gentlemen friends and will never turn down a sushi date. 

Working out is a way of life for me and enriches my life in more ways than I can count.I've been lifting weights half my life and I got my start in a hard core body building gym in my youth with semi pro lifters that have inspired me to this day. I also enjoy biking, walking & hiking to keep fit. I despise running, it's over rated & unless I'm being chased, that is the ONLY time you will see me running.HA!  I do not admire the women's runners physique at all, too skinny with no muscle very aging and haggard/ whethered looking. ..Plus I have met too many peeps with torn miniscus and assorted running injuries. Nope,running is a just a bad idea all around folks. I also want to keep my curves .I'm also blessed with a petite gymnast build with short and shapely legs that give me a forever youthful appearance.








*I literally spend 80% of my time in the great outdoors.Rain or Shine

 Fresh air + nature = why I stay 100 % healthy...always! 

*Who might I resemble? I tend to get Russian or Brazillian on more than one occasion.

*British accents on women really get on my last nerve, some of my favorite singers are British tho,so they of course get a pass, the men are definitely the exception too. Go figure.

*Cats or Dogs? Umm dogs are adorable,but give me anxiety as they tend to be too needy, high strung and spazzy..Cats are quiet,calm, clean & tidy, independent, have personality for dayssss,love to nap in a sunlit window and purrr in your ear.

 a lot like myself. hee hee ;)..Dogs drool, cats rule and they are the BEST thing to happen to humanity. PERIOD.

*I am NOT a morning person, not now, not EVER.. Night owl for Life!

*I don't take anyone seriously that uses "whilst"in a sentence.Yep, I'm definitely judging you.

*My favorite food groups are soups, sandwiches, salads, sushi, seafood,smoothies & sweets.

* As a soft spoken introvert,I tend to attract & jibe best in the company of extroverts or ambiverts, especially in my personal life. Opposites attract ya know?

*If I was able to switch looks with anyone on Earth it would be (early 2000's) Skakira,DEFINITELY Shakira.Ultra petite (short & tiny) with exotic looks,olive skin, big wild & curly spiral long blondish hair + brown eyes = pure dream girl and the whole package.Runner up would be

Ronda Rousey.

*I don't drink alcohol or partake in any mind altering substances(coffee is my only vice)okay and the occasional CBD edible before bed once in a blue moon. Being a square is just fine by me..

However I do make a mean mocktail.

*I find activism VERY sexy and I practice as often as I can. Standing up for what you believe in and taking pride in your convictions or speaking on behalf of those without a voice .I have always admired the candid and very outspoken that aren't afraid to tarnish their image.Nothing wrong with being LOUD & PROUD. Ballsy babes rule! 

*Omakase,caviar,oysters, champagne & foie gras are boring foods for boring ,unimaginative sw's that think they are "hIgH cLASS". I'll take Subway & Cheesecake factory over any of this crapola any day,thankyou:D

*Baskin- Robbins Pralines & Cream is my favorite icecream in the whole world.

* I love pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

*You won't find me in any cheesy tourist trap destinations like Vegas,Napa(wine country)okay maybe for the day spa,thassit.or Disneyland,went on a million road trips to Disney as a kid and 2 x as an adult 10 years ago was my final trip. over it) 

LOVE the smell of cigars. Brings me back to my old exotic dancer days.

*Dive bars over Roof top bars.

*I'm a self proclaimed clean freak,I actually find cleaning & organizing VERY therapeutic,NO ONE cleans a house like Delilah,NO ONE!

*You couldn't pay me enough to sail on a yacht or cruise ship.. in the middle of nowhere?HELL No! Seen Titanic way too many times LOL.Absolutely no sky diving, zip lining, flying in helicopters or deep sea diving for me either.Nope,nope and nope.

*I count The Sopranos,Breaking Bad,Sons of Anarchy,Sex &The City,Golden Girls & Frasier as my top favorite shows (along with LOTS of true crime ,horror, drama & various documentaries )  I despise "reality tv".

My favorite actors are Christopher Walken, Adrien Brody, Sean Penn & Johnny Depp just to name a few.

*If you gift me a Louis Vuitton/Prada bag or Louboutin heels, I will promptly take them to the nearest consignment store and donate

the proceeds to an animal shelter.I dislike high end shopping and flashy logos of any kind and I don't  trust anyone that says otherwise.

 I'm clearly not a fan of either. :D I also have ZERO respect for people who buy 

their designer pets from breeders when there are literally shelters FULL of animals waiting for their forever homes.#breedersuck

As if you couldn't tell already by the aesthetics of my self designed website, I'm a HUGE animal lover ..

*I am also VERY anti horseracing,dog racing/fighting,horse carriages,zoos,aquariums,elephant rides, circuses & rodeos.(sorry cowboys) animals in captivity held against their will or other forms of animal exploitation for profit .Purses made from ostrich or aligator. They are not here on this earth for YOUR entertainment.And wearing real wear real fur doesn't make you look classy, just a low budget ick of society and we all know east coast bitches just love wearing the fur of dead animals.

*I wouldn't be caught dead wearing red lipstick or red nail polish. Nope too dated looking for me.Playboy bunny Pink all day everyday.

 *I'm fondly drawn to type B personalities both in professional and personal life,I love non perfectionist type peeps that 

don't take themselves too seriously & have a quirky side that can make me laugh. Type A/Overchievers = No bueno and booooring.

*I've been biking,hiking,skiing & (grew up skiing in Tahoe & Truckee as a kid)& swimming Nope,no lessons needed, lessons are for the sheltered wussies..LOL and NO helmets in typical Gen X fashion we just took matters into our own hands like the fearless daredevils we are and just wing it! I do admit I miss night skiing & gettin crazy on the moguls at times,Also peeps complimenting me on the slopes that I'm a "natural"..at 12 y.o.  HA!  Swimming (I was thrown in the Yuba river by mom and learned real quick LOL)since I was five years old  My skiing days are long behind me now and balancing on two little sticks of wood don't excite or interest me much these days especially cause it's gone all bougie aka OVERPRICED and boring now. Snowboarders will ALWAYS be cool tho.

*I grind & brew my own fresh, dark roast coffee every morning,even when I travel,sorry Starbucks,I don't love you.And we can't be friends.

if you seriously admit that you actually like burnt coffee from Starbucks. GAG!

* I have a weakness for avocados and eat one almost daily,sometimes two.

*Street smarts over sophistication any day. (If you refer to yourself as "sophisticated" or bespoke we will never be friends guaranteed-yuck.

*Music truly moves me,from grunge, alternative,underground,70's rock,90's country,trip hop,indi rock,electronic,acoustic,spanish guitar,downtempo,roots,reggae,classical piano,dream pop, r&b, & neo soul & anything considered "old school",especially freestyle.Everything I grew up with I still enjoy

jamming out too such as Queen & Santana,did I mention I also LOVE the heck out of some Mary J.Blige,Prince and many other influential artists to this day..just to name a few..I can find tunes from the 60's to the 2000's that I can always appreciate. You won't find a person with more diverse and eclectic taste in music as yours truly.I'm also the proud owner of a small but awesome record collection.

*I love thrift store shopping,(yep,since my highschool days)it's a guilty pleasure of mine & I always get lucky & manage to find a gem or two.

*I prefer real books over kindles,as I love the smell and feel & I also collect old coffee table books & original 1970's vintage Playboy mags..Used bookstores are one of my favorite haunts..Long,never ending bookstores are my fave.If ever

in Portland ,Powells is a must see.

* I have unusually good luck at the casinos. Maybe I can be your lucky charm?

*I have a special fondness for real, live houseplants from tropical plants to succulents,as a kid I grew up with a houseful.(I don't do artificial plants,flowers or X-mas trees)I love digging in the dirt/repotting,etc.. ;p I  also love fresh flowers like stargazer lilies,turberoses & plumerias.Something about having a bit of the outdoors indoors that's very refreshing & soothing to the soul..

*I find a roaring fire in a wood burning fireplace ultra cozy..

 It's a well known fact Leos are natural born trendsetters & fashionistas.

* I *heart* heart thingies and have acquired  quite the beautiful collection ,mainly jewelry that has been gifted to me through the years, but can always use more. *hint*

*I was gifted with a natural rhythmn & have a background in dance ranging from latin salsa,belly dance &

hip hop, and I have some serious sultry moves to WOW you with. :D

*My other career choice would be forensics, interior decorator (I've always had an discerning eye for 

aesthetics & style)fashion designer,floral design, professional boudoir/lifestyle photographer.

or working on a sanctuary with animals.My ultimate dream would be to open a cat cafe 

lounge/coffee/tea shop/art gallery full of rescue kitties. Cat peeps are the bestest.

*I adore all animals,they seriously melt my heart (Lions, Pitbulls & Persians ..OH MY!) 

*I like the city,but LOVE the country more and will always be a small town/ country 

gal at heart.. As an empath and semi introvert,I find cities a bit soul sucking at times and hate BIG city attitude

and miss the sense of community that goes along with small town living.

Nature grounds me and keeps me balanced and my heart belongs to the mountains,

rivers ,oceans & wooded forests.

*Top favorite California destinations are: Placerville,Humboldt,Santa Monica/West Ho,Palm Springs,

Santa Cruz,San Diego and a few secret little towns that will remain unmentioned.

As a kid,nothing better than road trips up and down the 

Route 1 coast line.And for all you basic transplants AND so called natives,there's more to California than

just LA ,SF & Napa.Growing up family trips always consisted of the walking trails of the big trees & redwood forests,Avenue of the Giants to camping in Santa Cruz to pit stops at the Madonna Inn, Pismo Beach & San Simeon to Disneyland,Great America & Magic Mountain,courtesy of the best parents in the whole world!

*2-3 hour road trips are my absolute fave. I love to take in all the sights & sounds at my leisure without

the feeling of being rushed somewhere..


..Oceans,rivers,palm trees,deserts,redwoods,snow

mountains,culture, diversity, the vibe.Love it all.


The people I'm drawn to naturally are fun & flexible as opposed to

stubborn, too serious & set in their ways. Original,creative,world

traveled,daredevil types that have lived in diverse places all over,

military background,dynamic survival skills,more country than city.

Do you dabble in photography,draw,paint,design,read books,write,ride 

motorcycles,hike/camp,hard core mountain bike or other,fix up old cars,build 

things,snow sports,martial arts, love astrology & animals,grill master,

do construction,musically inclined..all the above?

 Kinda cool,kinda nerdy? HUGE turn on! I love to learn from 

people,hear their stories and connect with them..Miserable dudes with

multiple social media accounts just to argue politics, insult 

each other under anonymous handles are ESPECIALLY

  a HUGE turn off. 

Like seriously go outside and touch grass or "something (?) for real.

               *major cringe face*


*"As a long time resident (pre Salesforce & new Bay Bridge) of the City,20 + years,Where in the world

  did all the artists and cool peeps go?The quality of life is long gone and this "new" SF ain't it.. 

This tiny city sadly lost all its original charm, grit and magic a decade ago and it's been tough to see the decline of a once beautiful world class city crumble right before your eyes.. My peak years will always be 1985-2010.. If you know, you know.

Newbie bland uptight transplants love them some whitewashed Dolores Park,Pacific Heights ,SOMA, Salt & Straw,Bi Rite,Roof top bars, Michelin restaurants and post endless pix of the GG Bridge. And get offended easily calling the City "Frisco". HAHAHA!

                                                               My spirit animals always & forever...


What makes me happiest ? Doing for others volunteering/donating acts of kindness without any expectation

of receiving anything in return. Filling my life with meaningful connections and experiences,traveling

the world..Here's a just a  few charities I support..












           Q's & A's With Miss Delilah..


Q:Why do you blur your face?

A:Cause I'm ugly,DUH..all kidding aside, :D Why do 99% of companions blur their face?We have a "normal" life

outside of this surreptitious, sexy world and I'm a very private person who wants to keep the highest discretion 

possible.My photos are blurred for this very reason.I also keep all info shared personal info to one another just between us.


Q:What do you love most about the "job"?

A:I truly appreciate this industry for all of the places it has taken me and the incredible gents I have met through the years.I enjoy being my own boss of course,the flexibility of setting my own schedule, and building long lasting friendships with appreciative

gentlemen,(I seriously have the best client friends on the planet) who need a dose of TLC from time to time..It doesn't get any better than that and of course visiting all the divine hotels & restaurants all over the City, it's

seriously like a little mini vacation for me..And who doesn't love being treated like a queen by some of the sweetest gents around??Not too mention,I'm  often told they feel more comfortable around me than some of their closest friends.My connections and experiences here have provided me with the platform to persue lifelong passions and grow as a woman... I owe my success and longevity to consistency I'm not a "brand"(whatever that means) nor do I do believe in "rebranding" 

 I am unapologetically & authentically ME (what you see is what you get) & I keep my website/ad venues fresh & current

and handle all my business on my own without an assistant as I am a one (wo)man show.And I have fortunately achieved many of 

my long term hopes,dreams & goals and then some thanks to my fabulous client friends.


Q:What types of men do you enjoy meeting?

A:ALL types- All ages-All sizes-All ethnicities that are polite ,respectful, humble and down to earth. And a wicked sense of humor never hurts.



Q:Do you offer more than a FBSM? 

A:No,I am a niche provider and offer something very unique in the industry which requires a very specific skill set & have only ever provided sensual massage and full service and escort services are never an option.

I am comfortable offering what I do without all the extras...As a true provider of satisfaction FBSM is my top priority & natural calling and this is where I focus ALL my energy these days and there are plenty of men out there who simply enjoy a women's touch, the closeness,

   connection & a sweet escape and are not looking for anything more intimate than that. So let's relax and enjoy!


Q:Do you have reviews? How do I know you are the real deal?

A:Reviews are one thing,testimonials are a whole 'nother thing..Thankfully,ALL the review sites

have been shut down.I appreciate no mentions,reviews or commentary about me or our encounter on

public/private forums or review boards. They are uneccessary and passe'.Other grown men shouldn't make their decisions on who to see

from other anonymous men,and should do their own research.

 The outstanding men I meet with,thankfully do not rely on or subscribe to "review culture", or the opinions of others & their fantasy tales,but instead get a feel for the *real* me,through my website,photos & social media.Reviews will not make nor break me,but, rest assured, I will *always*maintain my stellar 5 star solid gold reputation with or without the help of reviews thankyou very much..:)


Q:How old are you?

A:How rude! Just kidding.. :)Hey, A lady doesn't kiss & tell. Well I'm sorry to say I'm not a college co-ed,far from it,but

old enough to get into a bar and not quite ready for my AARP membership yet.I magically stopped aging 

in my 30's..I'm "mature"in age, but a rebellious teenager at heart in spirit and I refuse to grow up.


Q:Do you travel or tour to other cities?

A: Nope,I'm VERY fortunate to have just enough local fans & returning biz travelers to keep me plenty 

 busy in my home town.. I travel ( I don't tour)and I'm fairly low maintenance when I do..

I do like to visit other spots for vacation and usually take on a couple sessions when time allows.


If you don't see me around for awhile or posting for a bit,I'm probably off just living my best (private) life!


 *Thankyou fellas for your continuous love ,support and generosity,I adore y'all !




Your Spicy & Sensual Minx