Yay October! My second favorite month after August (my birth month). An absolute record high month and my schedule was jam packed full of all kinds of fun (personal adventures & work stuff) for me thanks to many fine and generous gents (including some local faves, you know who you are) US and around the world I met and was quite  Mind you I'm not complaining and I'm feeling beyond blessed.. I adore the fall,especially Indian summer in the Bay Area. I just love that

scorching heat.I always look forward to the ever changing colors of the leaves, the faint scent of a wood burning fireplace in the air and of course all things pumpkin & apple spice.Nothing better than cozying up on my couch sippin on somethin' warm curled up with a good book.  This is officially when my baking season begins too ..breads, cookies & pies OH MY! 

     Picnics Under The Palms...My favorite secret park... Nope,not tellin'...

Your little sunflower getting down & dirty in the Tenderloin People's Garden. Volunteering brings me lotsa joy.

Then there's Halloween.Did I mention it's my all time fave?Can we please get rid of

Christmas altogether and extend it to December?? Cause really that's how much I LOVE it.  My mom was the ultimate Halloween queen and would go all out

for the holiday with *thee* coolest of decorations & costumes.  Guess you could say the creativity and passion runs deep in my blood. Then there's binging on all the horror classics, the scarier the better.. October you rocked and then some and are ALWAYS pure MAGIC ..

(New photos taken Oct. 30-2023)

  Wild Cat on the Loose..Catch her if you dare!


                 Who likes petite blonde gals in black fishnet stockings?? Oh that's right,  EVERYBODY!   M -E-O-W!!!!!

Dia De los Muertos ..(Oakland)