Playboy..It's not just for men

For as long as I can remember I've always had a deep fondness for Playboy magazines,(um,thanks dad) 

and have been collecting vintage 70's mags for years now..What comes to mind when you think Playboy? 

Sunkissed blonde hair,tanned beach skin and a carefree attitude ? Pretty much.. Here's my latest

DIY home photoshoot taken today in honor of circa 1970's Playboy-I LOVE playing photographer..I literally inspired a 1000 other sw's with this shoot. LOLz



Just a sample of some of my faves..





"California Dreamin' On Such a Winters' Day"









"Wish They All Could Be California Girls"




 "Life Is Too Short To Be Living Someone Elses' Dream"-Hugh Hefner





To This Day,I'm Greatly Influenced By The 70's...The fashion, decor, classic cars & music..

it totally rocked!