Peace Out 2023

Thanks to all you newbie gents and regular favorite friends who added a little sparkle to my life and have continued to support me to this day .A special shout out to all who book out in advance, plan dates to your favorite restaurants and go the extra mile just because.

Ya'll are the bomb diggity..

                   Love Ya Bunches!

  P.S. NY Resolution 2024: To be a lazy bum posted up on the couch late nights and binge watch all my favorite tv shows & eat LOTs of cheesecake & pizza of course..;) 

JP Morgan '24 convention started the year off on a high note! Catching up with familiar faces and a few new ones.Thanks to those who were initially hesitant on screening

 and sending deposits and actually stepped up and followed through.It was also nice to see the energy buzzing around the City again. You guys kept me booked and VERY busy and I'm beyond grateful .So thanks guys!

Also got my first P-411 appt this year thanks to Mr. East Coast

3 BRAND NEW CUSTOM PLAYLISTS from Deejay Delilah For your listening pleasure..

I'm often complimented on my choice of music for my sessions, and it's such a great

way to always set the mood. My original dancer/massage playlists were off my Apple iPod from back in the day when I first became an FBSM provider and I've incorporated a few from those lists with a few new ones added to the mix.I'm constantly updating so lemme know if you have any special requests. Til then..  ENJOY !

Moonlist Massage Magic-


Love Massage Magic-


Strip Club & Chill-