Hobbyist vs Gentleman

A small breakdown of the differing two.

*Hobbyist- aka board dork dudes lives revolve around all adult sites and hobby boards with multiple fake,strange,anonymous & trollish handles,generally a chronic shit disturber online,familiar with all lingo terminology and acroynms. Always looking for the most bang for his buck.Expects escort service (+ services)at a FBSM price point.FYI,extras have never been part of a FBSM session EVER.Has no life,lives in the past,brings up providers on hobby boards that retired 10 years ago.Whining,moaning on boards about being "grandfathered" when providers adjust their pay rate.Love to give spiteful reviews. Their entire existence revolves around adult content. I once made the mistake of checking out a men's hobby board forum and was thoroughly disgusted to say the least.Never again.Online dudes 


that literally follows billions of providers and reply and or comment to every ladies post on SM yet never tip or book an appointment .Love to gossip especially to other board dorks and bring up other ladies or their personal info during YOUR appointments,they never stop yapping online & tend to be drama queens,are nosey & love to dig around trying to find out your personal info. They generally won't post their real pics or info online, I've yet to meet an anonymous dude that wasn't a complete pain in the ass during a session,but you'd be surprised to know that I can easily connect the dots and find out your real world info without us ever meeting in  person.So never under estimate the power of my super sleuthing skills. They expect discretion,but give none. They don't like giving real world info or deposits.For every one hobbyist that refuses to screen with real world info and deposits,10 more actual "gentlemen"will come through.Believe that.So yep, it's the industry standard,get used to it.Hobbyists are generally 35+ and up, sneaky, entitled and to be steered clear of and they get BLOCKED on Twitter. I especially DO NOT see Bay Area slobbyists,the local & touring ladies can have at em.. LMAO.Thank god for the blacklists.


*The Perfect Gentleman-Are the absolute top notch dream client.If you are a selective & respectful & all around decent person by nature then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. PG clients generally do not hang out on hobby boards,social media,etc.would never discuss/recommend providers to other unknowns,quiet online,more quietly lurking than actual posting.Respect boundaries and do not push for more.They do their research, screen effortlessly,prefer to see one special provider on a regular basis as opposed to blowing through 100's of ladies.Respect your privacy and do not ask your "real" name or other intrusive questions or try and dig up your personal social media to find out who you REALLY are. The perfect gentlemen are grateful for the experience and appreciative of your time,they jump thru your hoops,pay your deposit & listed fee and are truly respectful..Hobbyists like to compare notes and check you off some lame ass list. GC show their appreciation with repeat bookings and small tokens such as gift cards and other thoughtful gestures.

You guys ROCK!