Generation X (cellent) the original bad ass,fearless, most envied,innovative, influential,  and ICONIC generation to this very day.Even Urban Outfitters would agree.You can't deny we are  *thee* most imitated,blessed and emulated for all things "hip".Not too mention our undeniable, wicked sense of humor. Yeah,we see you whiny, boring, basic & unoriginal millennials aka generation butthurt,soft & offended by everything,copy & paste crew, can't think outside the box, obsessed and following our every move with our culture and trying to take credit for what isn't yours. *eye roll* And you will never be as cool as us so don't even try.We are the original Cool Kids Club .. Too be fair,I have a lot of younger millennial & 20-something dude client friends I adore very much.I do predict Gen Z is definitely paving the way to be the next ICONIC & "it" generation as they are really showing out and I have faith they are going to change the world for the better one day...Makes me giddy when I read on forums how many Gen Z looks up to and admires us Gen X'ers..I mean, can you blame them? 

We possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are the first generation to grow up with computers.Tech & Startups were driven largely by Gen X. We possess strong survival skills and adapt well to changes in our environment and appreciate and welcome diversity. Growing up as a free range,unsheltered kid with TONS of freedom, there was not much supervision or many rules at least for me anyway and spending the night on school nights with girlfriends was definitely more than okay with my laid back folks and thank goodness for not having pushy, strict, overbearing helicopter parents back then.  According to researchers,Gen X are more than capable of handling the demands of safety from the Covid pandemic more than other generations due to our latchkey nature in which we learned to take care and survive at an early age while both our parents worked like most families did back then and we are the last generation with a realistic world view..



You might be Generation X if you grew up as the world as your playground,literally.A big part of me growing up a tomboy in rural Nor Cal was being outdoors 80% of the time whether hiking, biking,climbing trees,swimming in a river,lake or pool,or on the ski slopes in the winter and roller skating daily in a rink or outdoors,camping,not glamping,drive in movie theaters and of course yearly excursions to the summer county fair.(Hands down,my favorite county fair will always be the Paso Robles county fair).Sleeping on my front lawn under the stars in a sleeping bag was considered normal,fun and safe back then. LOL.



Gen X is the first generation to experience the emergence of music videos.Especially MTV.This generation is also responsible for the emergence of rock,grunge,hip hop & neo soul.And a large majority of music you hear these days have been sampled from our era.Even most movies/tv series/commercials made in the last 10 years or so,always feature many hit songs and sound tracks from the era.We are the original trendsetters and our wild sense of fashion( 70's-80's)and killer personal style still inspire in todays world.Our words,lingo,phrases and adages,etc.are prominent whether in movies/music or just day to day conversation.Ya dig?

Even the home decor aesthetic such as macrame,wicker,raatan furniture,plants galore and owning a record player, records (we don't dare call them vinyls cuz that's just cringy and calling them vinyl records, well you basically just sound like a clueless millenial,polaroid cameras, arcades & 70's skateboard culture & Vans are considered hip and cool by the younger generation..

Health food originated with us.Growing up, we always had a garden. And shopping at food co- ops were all the rage.Tofu & veggie burgers,brewers yeast,smoothies,spirulina, granola,way too many vitamins,juicing and all things "yucky",yes you can thank Gen X.And yes, I still proudly eat and incorporate all these goodies into my diet to this day. Organic is a fad word these days and a marketing gimick,nothing more.. Peace Out!