Fountain of Youth


Here you will find some of my favorite home made healthy recipes & pics from my kitchen and few other out and about spots.

Growing up in rural NE California small towns most of my life with the best climate around,I really miss having a huge garden

where my family would grow pretty much everything under the sun, but for now I can be found scouring 

various farmer's markets for the freshest & finest in flowers & produce..I am often complimented on my

 glowing,shea buttery smooth skin which I can acredit to my daily juicing of greens,fresh fruits, veggies ,tons of

H20 & LOTS of fresh, wild caught salmon..






                      ❤︎ Juice...Love...Happiness...❤︎





             "Live in each season as it passes,breath the 

              air,drink the drink,taste the fruit"

                 -Henry David Thoreau


              ~Mango-Orange-Grape-Lemon Smoothie~


                          Bowld Acai Truck



                   ~Fresh spinach,strawberries,blueberries,hemp seed &

                            green superfood = Super Deeelish




       Seared Scallops-Steamed Asparagus-Quinoa & Brown Rice 





                                   Farm Fresh From the Local Farmer's Market..