Central Oregon

The Incomparable Natural Beauty of Central Oregon..



                                Deschutes River..



                                             Vibe: Chill  ☼  Coffee: French Roast



 "Wildflowers can't be controlled,and neither can the girl with a soul

    boundless as the sky and a spirit as free and wild as the ocean"

                                  -Melody Lee



                Meanwhile ..Somewhere back in the woods..




Camp Sherman


    "Water is the driving force in nature"- Leonardo da Vinci




                              "Introverts like being introverts.We are drawn to ideas,we

                                are passionate observers,and for us,solitude is rich and

                                generative" - Laurie Helgoe                                                                      


                                    Country Cosmos



                          Black Tailed Mama Deer & Baby Playin' Peek a boo..




       "A sunflower field is like a sky with a thousand suns"

           -Corina Abdulahm -Negura





                                                    Cats & Coffee...