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Howdy Friends!


I take the health & well being of my client friends VERY seriously 

As a former cosmetologist,we spend a substantial amount of

time and money in school being trained and mandated in

OSHA,CDC,etc. We are taught medical grade/hospital

level sanitization,disinfection and sterilization protocols 

long before the pandemic.I will continue to take 

whatever measures and steps necessary to protect

my clients health and safety..


As for myself- 100% healthy as ever and planning on keeping it that way!


-My upcoming availability will be extremely limited (2/3 days per week) as I venture 

into my other full time civi gig (which I LOVE btw) for the time being,so advanced planning is highly recommended. 

Vanilla Visa (E) gift card (50%) deposit required is required for ALL incall/outcall appointments.

It's super easy and literally takes just 5 minutes of your time..

No physical card needed.

Incase you were wondering,deposits are the normal business practice of the most highly reputable 



Thanks a million to all you newbie dudes who have gone above & beyond and supporting me and my business during these

hectic & uncertain times,You and your generosity mean the world to me!  Bonus karma points to you..xo



Now available to select hotels & residences...


***Please check back for my schedule as it will be updated weekly and is subject to change..


-Upcoming INCALL Availability:


If I have seen you in the last 6 months,same day appointments okay when my

schedule is listed..

If it has been over 6 months since I have last seen you,a 50% deposit required 

and 3 hours + notice required for ALL same day appointments..




November 1-2:30-5pm


*I also visit Sacramento & L.A. (Santa Monica)frequently and am available with advanced notice.


My beautifully crafted,easy to navigate website was created and designed by yours truly and made

with love.

Some of you might remember me from my original Craigslist & Backpage days,yep,it's me,I'm still

around.Glad you found me! And just so there's no confusion,I am *thee* one and only established "Delilah"

in the industry with a stellar and consistent reputation serving up good old 

fashioned FBSM fun since 2008 and loving it just as much today as when I first started.




Welcome to the fabulous world of FBSM aka Full Body Sensual Massage..!

I tend to meet a lot newbies and I love being someone's "first"..I get that finding the right provider can 

be a bit nerve racking,do your homework,read my website in it's entirety and checking out my social media is

a great way to get a feel for someone's personality and whether you will click or not..Never underestimate the importance of research..Altho photos are nice,it's not *just*about photos.I experience a very high volume of 

requests,so please have info ready to send on over and we will go from there..If I have not seen you since before 

Febuary of this year,you will need to be rescreened with two forms of ID,no info =no appointment..



I offer a CMT quality swedish style(non therapeutic)relaxing massage along with plenty of slow, erotic edging and 

teasing tailored just for you so if you're looking for a deep tissue,strong pressure massage, I do not offer that modality..There's no one gold standard when it comes to FBSM,everyone has their own unique style and technique and being strong,sensual and intuitive,I tend to 

go with the natural flow of things..Although not formally trained in Tantra,I am often told my massage style is very similiar to a tantra experience.Let's unravel the soul of sensory exploration together.

My sessions are always 100% all about YOU! So, relax..you're in GREAT hands..







I enjoy meeting men from all walks of life and cater to well mannered gentlemen from the corporate CEO's,prominent movers and shakers to the hardworking blue collar

fellas and everything in between from the young to the young at heart(18-100)I prefer newbies over "lifestyle hobbyists" anyday... Believe me,

I'm not here to judge your occupation,ethnicity,weight or age,this is not Match.com..HAHA.

Although I have sky high standards and very selective on who I choose to see,all are welcome to

reach out..



~ SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS: I prefer a phone call or text if we've already met before.It's more personal than email,I love to hear your voice or you can leave a brief detailed VM message if I don't answer and I'm happy to return your call ASAP.  I'm a very spontaneous person by nature and I generally need   

1-2 hours notice,sometimes less,cancellations do happen from time to time and who knows if the stars align,it may just be your lucky day!


~BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you are emailing me,I require the following:


.Preferred Day:

.Duration: 60 or 75 min.

.INCALL/OUTCALL:My place or yours?

.WHERE YOU FOUND ME:( Twitter,Instagram,P411,other)

(I do not accept PROTON email)




Screening Is Essential: First Impressions are EVERYTHING!

For those wishing to visit me at my incall location, My long time preferred method of screening is a Linkedin acct.or 

company website with current photo and DL to verify you.NO EXCEPTIONS.. (I do NOT accept Paypal, Venmo,Apple Pay,cash apps or credit cards.) CASH only. From personal experience

I have found gentlemen that are open and forthcoming with their personal information to be overall 

ideal clients all around.. 

Keep it relatively brief,Include the requested info but don't turn your intro into a 

memoir.Besides, I'd rather hear all about you in person..A little mystery is always nice wouldn't you 


Rest assured,all info you send me is safe and secure and I keep it strictly confidential.Not only am I an

exceptionally private person,I pride myself on being trustworthy,ethical & reliable.

This is for my own peace of mind and comfort level.




.References from other providers,I have never used or relied on this system as I find it intrusive, indiscreet,

outdated and useless.Also,I do not provide themso do not ask.





~INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS: When calling from your mobile phone number,it is imperative

that you also leave me a voicemail with hotel/room number,first AND last name,otherwise,

no complete info,no appointment..if I am unable to reach you 

directly by calling your cellular number for some reason.THANKYOU!




~CANCELLATIONS: I realize that things come up,life happens etc.

If you must cancel the same day within 2 hours,I will require a 50% deposit 

made payable through a Visa GC that will be added to your next

appointment..Thankyou for your understanding.









~OUTCALL-Available to ALL hotels..Room service rendezvous delivered to the privacy,comfort

and convenience of your own hotel room..Please be freshly showered (hold the cologne & other fragranced

products,such as hair gel,body sprays,deodorant,etc.) 

  as I'm super sensitive and it has a tendency to set off my allergies and I would really hate to be a mood 

killer and the room set to a nice & comfy 70 degrees,no A.C. please and ready to relax in style..

Please add $60 travel free to all calls to the Fisherman's Wharf &

Japantown area hotels..




P- 411 ID-P125853

Newbies:Please contact me directly through the site.


REFERENCES: I do not give referrals so do not ask.



60 Fabulous Minutes: $240

75 Fabulous Minutes: $300



Mutual Touch-Fetish-Roleplay

(Please add additional $100)





My sessions include the following:

(swedish style massage,edging,b2b,

erotic,sensual only )

Foot fetish/light roleplay incorporated

on occasion..FBSM only.

No FS + or escort services offered.

 Not now,not ever..Capiche? ;)

 Also if you are a frequent

visitor of agencies/collectives,hobby boards,

massage parlors,etc. we probably won't be a 

good match.




Email:[email protected]


*Calling is best for same day appts

*Emailing is best for advanced bookings

*Texting is reserved for established friends only


*All after hours correspondence (emails-texts-VM)will

be returned the following morning after 11:00am &

after the coffee has kicked in of course... :)



Please inquire for availability

I am more night owl than early bird,so please

plan accordingly.

This lioness needs her beauty sleep..





*Follow me on Twitter:

[email protected]


 Twitter is a GREAT tool for advertising, marketing 

and making connections,I'm truly not the biggest social media person

 out there, I do drop in on occasion to make a cameo appearance.

 but truth be told I find it mainly a huge source of distraction

  not too mention time wasting and even a bit repetitive at times

  in living a fully balanced life and when not in massage sessions,

 I am most likely keeping my body & brain occupied in various

  classes & activities to better myself and my  future and knocking

 out lifelong goals..I recently started last year, a thriving online

 business to showcase my hand crafted jewelery which I

devote a lot of time to..and you're 

never too old to persue another dream,right?




I follow only the most well respected, original,outspoken,

inspiring,witty,wise,real, informative bad ass providers,

champion supporters & advocates (hellooo Stormy Daniels)

out there for all the latest in our ever changing

 changing adult industry and hey,all the cool

 kids are over there too..or feel free to lurk..


I'm super particular about who I follow,engage

or interact with and do NOT follow providers who

post constant selfies,has Curious Cat,etc,

or other assorted narcissistic bs.YAAAWWWN..

(can you say boring & unoriginal)????

 or sites with or negative

associated to their name.Positive vibes only

for this chick.






Local SF Tip:

Bring an extra layer of clothing,

the wind factor is off the charts,

your comfiest walking shoes &

watch your step..  :p

And please for the love of gawd, 

don't call it San Fran or Cali 

We natives HATE that..  :p

You're welcome!




For those that LOVE to spoil a gal

just because...

My favorite(E) gift cards :Please send to my

email: [email protected]




*Spa Finder-Beauty



*Coffee,Bean & Tea Leaf-COFFEE

*Bombshell /Athleta-Fitness 

*Thrive Market-Health & Wellness

*Harley Davidson-Sport

*Southwest Airlines-Travel









Your Spicey & Sensual Minx,