Don't mind the typos here and there..

(spelling nazi's can suck it) I literally 

crack myself up upon discovering my own spelling

errors *eventually* while updating my site and

OOP, no more late night editing for me.



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Howdy Friends!

I feel hyped and privileged that I caught your eye.

Read on....


Please check here for all updated info as I have

 the good fortune of not needing to advertise

 or rely on tacky overpriced ad sites anymore thanks to my long

time rock solid regular friends.. 

99% of my new clients find me through my website

 and Twitter..Thanks guys!



I take the health & well being of my client friends VERY seriously 

As a former cosmetologist,(tho no longer practicing at the moment

I do keep my license current because why not?

)we spend a substantial amount of time and money

 in school being trained and mandated in

OSHA,CDC,etc. We are taught medical grade/hospital

level sanitization,disinfection and sterilization protocols 

long before the pandemic. 

Medical history is no one else's business,

so do not ask and I will not ask you.And if 

you feel the need to shout it from the roof tops  on your

ad or profile that you are "VACCINATED & BOOSTED"

I will probably consider you a world class weirdo. :P

No need to be blase' about it,but no need to live your 

life in fear right? I've never been too good at following rules 

 & once they yelled LOCKDOWN,I did the complete

  opposite,never stopped taking massage appointments

  at my incall studio & picked up a secondary

and very cool essentials corporate gig job where I worked close to

 3 years among 50 fabulous co workers at a time and logged at least 5

 miles per day on my feet.With gyms being closed for the time being I 

also went for long walks,hikes & bike rides all over the

Bay Area..I kept very active along with plenty of sunshine & fresh air.

I'm solar powered of course & Vitamin D is key not too mention

 I absolutely HATE pale white skin. Yep,always a fan of the golden glow.

Besides EVERYONE looks more attractive and healthy with the look

of summer solstice brushed upon their skin...

I consider myself very lucky to remain extremely

 healthy to this day.

 I must have the strongest immune system in the universe.

so apparently I'm doing something right. I've literally been 

on a health and wellness journey my entire life..Not so much

as a cold or flu in over 20 years..Thankyou Universe!



Vanilla Visa (E) gift card deposit is required for my incall appointments.

It's super easy and literally takes just 5 minutes of your time..

No physical card needed.

Incase you were wondering,deposits are pretty much the standard procedure

these days amoung providers.


Thanks a million + to all my local friends who have gone above & beyond and supporting me and my business through the years.You and your generosity mean the world to me!  You know who you are. Bonus karma points to you..x




OUTCALL To Your Hotel: Monday thru Sunday

This is not a typical business obviously,

so I don't keep typical hours,I work as 

late as I like or as early as I like.

Really just depends on my energy 

level reserves TBH.



My beautifully crafted,easy to navigate website was created and designed by yours truly and made

with love. 

Some of you might even remember me from my original glory days

 on Craigslist, Backpage & Cityvibe (RIP to the best ad sites EVER)

yep,it's me,I'm still around for now..And just so there's no confusion,

 confusion,I am *thee* one and only established "Delilah"

in the industry since 2010 with a stellar and consistent reputation serving up good old 

fashioned FBSM and loving it just as much today as when I first started.



I tend to meet a lot newbies and I love being someone's "first"..I get that finding the right provider can 

be a bit nerve racking,do your homework,read my website in it's entirety and checking out my social media is

a great way to get a feel for someone's personality and whether you will click or not..Never underestimate the importance of research..Altho photos are nice,it's not *just*about photos.I experience a very high volume of 

requests,so please have info ready to send on over and we will go from there.. 



Welcome to the fabulous world of FBSM aka Full Body Sensual Massage ..! 

This is an erotic & sensual,not sexual body session. Yes,there's a difference. Our time together is your chance to lay back,relax and unwind and revel in the desires that your everyday doesn't afford you..

I offer a legit one on one (semi therapeutic) swedish/esalen/effluerage style massage along with plenty of slow, erotic edging and 

teasing tailored just for you so if you're looking for a deep tissue,strong pressure massage, I do not offer that modality.There's no one gold standard when it comes to FBSM,and through time I've developed my own personal & unique style and techniques and being strong,sensual and intuitive,I tend to go with the natural flow of things..altho I get many requests for Tantra and no I have never offered it and don't plan on it in this lifetime.. I find it to be the biggest grift around especially in this industry .True tantrikas don't advertise on escort ad sites.

 I'm one of the original true blue FBSM artists still around and my sessions are always 100% about you.

  So relax..you are literally in GREAT hands. I'm often asked if I use a massage table.For many years yes,now? Nope,no table required at all actually.Tables are a thing of the past thankfully and way too clinical for sensual massage. For strictly therapeutic massage,a table would be absolutely necessary

  due to body mechanics & posture,but infact the bed is much more comfy as it allows us more room to spread out and get into the 

blissful zone.Truthfully sensual massage can be done anywhere from table to floor to bed,I've done it all, However the bed brings the massage to a whole 'nother level of sensuality like never before..And let's be real,there's nothing comfortable about lying on a massage table AT ALL unless you are there for a strictly THERAPEUTIC massage only and the gents are almost relieved to hear a table will not be utilized during our time.     

 Also guys,let's keep the chit chat (not talking at all is HIGHLY underrated)to a minimum if at all,most of my client friends are known to zonk out during their

session,believe it or not sometimes this is one of their only rare moments of actual peace and quiet and falling asleep during your massage is considered the ultimate compliment as I learned in massage school.Besides

no one wants a disruptive chatty cathy or forced conversation when you are trying to relax your mind,body & soul.A true sensual massage experience should be soothing and tranquil,talking is disruptive and excessive talking in general is definitely a turn off for most I know it is for me. Like the old saying goes, Silence is golden..oohs and aahs are welcome..




I enjoy meeting men from all walks of life and cater to well mannered gentlemen from the corporate CEO's,professors,attorneys,prominent movers and shakers to the hardworking blue collar

fellas, athletes,music/entertainment industry,techies & everything in between from the young to the young at heart(18-100) and regular dudes that prefer FBSM,but also those that just want a break and take it slow from FS escorts..I prefer newbie amateurs over "lifestyle hobbyists/pros" anyday... I also see my fair share of high profile gents who know they can trust me.I have zero interest in drama or 

disturbing your peace.

Unlike most of these sex worker ladies in the industry now,I would never name drop,it's not my style.I've been around awhile and believe in the ultimate in discretion.Your name,personal info and secrets are safe with me..Be yourself.Authenticity is key to making a good first impression.I am drawn to individuals who are genuine and true to themselves. 



~ SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS (Hotel Outcall Only)

YES! ABSOLUTELY!! I love these and have been doing them from day one.  Nothing wrong with being spontaneous and it never hurts to ask. Fortunately I have a VERY flexible schedule, which allows me to accommodate you and your reasonable request within reason.

1-2 hours notice,sometimes less so I can be polished and at my best.Cancellations do happen from time to time and who knows if the stars align,it may just be your lucky day! 



60 Fabulous Minutes: $300

90 Fabulous Minutes: $400

Calls after 9pm please add

an additional after hours fee:

of $100

** High Roller$ Club: $10,000 **

(Once In A Lifetime Experience)

I do not answer private messages on Twitter or Instagram..

If you would like to book an appointment, email or texting is best.If you send a private

message without inquiring about an appointment, there better be a gift card attached as I don't make

idle chit chat for free. Do you also  send random messages to your hairstylist, dentist or other just

to say "hi how are you?" without zero intent of making an appointment? Yeah, didn't think so..


I also appreciate clients who book in advance by a few weeks or even several months.I see a lot of people say they waited until it was

closer or apologize for being proactive in their scheduling,but TBT, love a man with a plan  especially when that plan includes ME! I also adore how the anticipation builds.


*After Hours Night Owl Flat Rate Fee:

Appointments after 9pm-Please add an additional $100

 (Hotel/Motel Outcalls Only)


Foot Fetish/Stocking sessions  also available.

This incorporates nicely with a sensual massage.

Perfect size 6 smooth & silky soft feetsies for

worshipping.. Add $100

And for the millionth time NO I do not offer

the following:








And as a true non conformist and never

one to hop on the latest bandwagon,NO

 passing fad ONLYFANS/Curious Cat for this gal EVER.

No time for all that fake & exhausting online b s.


** If one day you do not see my ads around or any advertising floating around

it probably means I got the offer of a lifetime and will be officially of a lifetime.

And there won't be any big announcement,I'll just be gone gone gone.

So now is your chance and hey nothing lasts forever right?




-Duration: 60 or 75 min.

-INCALL/OUTCALL:My place or yours?

-WHERE YOU FOUND ME:( Twitter,P411,Website,other)

(I do not accept PROTON email) You will be blocked.

-Government issued ID


**Vanilla Gift E card (partial deposits) are required for all first time appointments at my incall location..In case you were wondering,yes

these are easy, safe ,discreet and pretty much the industry standard now for the last 10 years.



Also,I do not accept voip,google voice,facetime, other burner apps. If you contact me from any of those,you

will be blocked.



Screening Is Essential: First Impressions are EVERYTHING!

I have many many wonderful gents that have no problem with my screening.I don't play around when

it comes to my safety, security and 

peace of mind and I won't compromise for anyone.The ones that screen with ease are the best

and our connections produce magical memories..My desire is be uncomplicated and free of drama.

Truth be told,99% of my screening is through intuition,however for those wishing to visit at my incall

  location, My long time preferred method of screening is a Linkedin acct.or company website with

  current photo and DL to verify you.NO EXCEPTIONS.. (I do NOT accept Paypal, Venmo,Apple Pay,cash apps or credit cards.) CASH only. From personal experience

I have found gentlemen that are open and forthcoming with their personal information to be overall 

ideal clients all around.. The days of being anonymous,fake names/ strange handles are over guys,so get

with the times or miss out.

Keep it relatively brief,Include the requested info but don't turn your intro into a 

memoir.Besides, I'd rather hear all about you in person..A little mystery is always nice wouldn't you 


Rest assured,all info you send me is safe and secure and I keep it strictly confidential.Not only am I an

exceptionally private person,I pride myself on being trustworthy,ethical & reliable. 

 No screening info or deposit = no appointment. Discretion and privacy is a two way street so please

keep it respectful.




References from other providers,I have never once used or relied on this system ever, as I find it intrusive, indiscreet ,

outdated and useless.Also,I do not provide them so do not ask.I am my own person with my own rules and

unique comfort levels.I'm also lucky enough to hand pick who I see and spend time with,I do not see local

"hobbyists"who recycle through 100's of providers.




~INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS: When calling from your mobile phone number,it is imperative

that you also leave me a voicemail with hotel/room number,first AND last name,otherwise,

no complete info,no appointment..if I am unable to reach you 

directly by calling your cellular number for some reason.THANKYOU!








Check back here for next incall availability

by advanced appointment only..

-Where The Sensual Massage Magic Happens-

FBSM has always been what I excel at and it just 

comes natural to me...

Welcome- kick back, relax and stay awhile from the chaos of work and life

as I seduce all your senses...

 Always conveniently located,warm & cozy candlelit ambiance.Hot

shower before and after, extra firm king size bed.Drinkies of course.

Large fluffy towels and sensual beats set the mood.

along with a few other special touches.


Your Hotel-Available to ALL motel/hotels..Room service rendezvous delivered to the privacy,comfort

 and convenience of your own hotel or motel room..Please be freshly showered (hold the cologne & other fragranced 

products,such as hair gel,body sprays,deodorant,etc.) Too much fragrance in a small space is offensive tbh.

  as I'm super sensitive and it has a tendency to set off my allergies and I would really hate to be a mood 

killer and the room set to a nice & comfy 70 degrees,no A.C. please and ready to relax in style..


P- 411 ID-P125853

Newbies:Please contact me directly through the site.


REFERENCES: I do not give referrals so do not ask.


My sessions include the following:

(swedish style massage,edging,b2b,

erotic,sensual only )foot fetish..

Roleplay-I'm as real as it gets,but

I'm also a natural born actress,so this

comes very easily to me..Inquire for rates..

I offer real massage with light unscented 

high grade oil,not a half assed 10 minute

"rub"with baby oil and no skills

skills that a lot of escorts are now

 now advertising as FBSM or FBSM +that

you might likely find on the shady scammer 

low budget site like Er*s/TER which no reputable

provider would dare advertise on.


No FS + or escort services offered.

 Not now,not ever..Capiche? 

Sorry horndogs :(


 if you are a frequent visitor of agencies/

 collectives,hobby boards,forums,

massage parlors, strip clubs,etc,Basically if 

your life revolves around the adult industry

we probably won't be a good match.I am

a stong opponent of misogynistic review 

boards/forum and do not see clients who

self identify as "hobbyists".I do not see

slobbyists who partake in review board

culture.Lady providers who support 

review culture will also be blocked.




Email:[email protected]


*Calling/Texting is best for same day appts

*Emailing is best for advanced bookings


*All after hours correspondence (emails-texts-VM)will

be returned the following morning after 11:00am &

after the coffee has kicked in of course... :)


No apointments after 10pm..

This lioness needs her beauty sleep..




Altho it kind of sucks these days, bought followers,

fake and just plain weird, it's still FREE advertising right?

Let's keep it a buck,no one sees or likes your posts unless

you purchase your followers aka bots, which I ain't doin, and it's really

not all that serious.Twitter used to be a fun place,

now it's down right gloomy and negative with

 too much drama.I miss the good old vibes.

It's the way of the world now and it's pretty much a given

that ALL established and legit providers have a least one

platform along with a personal website ESPECIALLY these days.

The real pros that enjoy their craft put their time,energy 

and effort into showcasing their personality AND skills.

Personal websites, along with updated photos and well 

written advertisements are normally good signs of a legit

provider.For your own safety as a potential client,

be twice as wary of providers who don't screen at

all.Screening isn't just for the providers it's to keep

you safe as well.Why should a woman feel safe

meeting a complete stranger in an intimate atmosphere

without knowing literally zilch about him.Think about it.

I never cared about "likes" or retweets and it's never

affected my income tbh. I drop the occasional cameo photo of my 

lifestyle and that's mainly it.

 50% of my new client friends find me through Twitter/

 Instagram,sometimes both. Not having a website or active

social media can be considered a red flag in this industry.

 As  much as social media can be a GREAT tool for advertising,  

marketing & making connections, I personally find myself online much 

 less  these days.I am lucky enough to have started in the industry

  loooooong before SM was a "thing"and now 


  I find it does NOT feed my soul at all, mainly a huge source of distraction not too 

  mention time wasting, a bit repetitive at times, way too much fluff

,flexing phony bs, and not enough actual substance.

(Same old tired jokes,plagiarisized tweets,etc.)It just never ends.The major

complaint I hear of SM now is engagement is pretty low to non existent

 these days,I mainly use it (in moderation) to keep up with a few local issues,

and see all the cool (travel, animal, nature, funny) pics.Keeping

it fun and lighthearted is KEY! 

Otherwise I do not read, follow or keep up with the news anymore

on ANY platform as I find it all utterly depressing and aging.

   And as an empath I prefer to protect my peace at all costs to

remain unjaded. 

 If you would like to follow,Go For It!

 I'm one of the few who keeps it real. On Twitter and Real Life.And for

the record, follower count has exactly zero correlation to how busy

one actually is.The majority of the these large provider accounts (over 10,000) have 

purchased their bot "followers".And they NEVER follow anyone back.

They are the LAMEST of the bunch and the worst of the lot..

Please, NO ONE is *that* interesting.

 Truthfully,I was never about the popularity contest anyway. 

P.S. IF Twitter does indeed bite the dust,I will NOT be moving to

any other platforms.My life does not revolve around the adult/

social media industry like most. You can keep up with my happenings 

on Instagram and my website for now.. And if you have 5000 pics of 

yourself on Insta and nothing else, it's safe to say you have ZERO

personality not too mention these accounts are boring as hell.

All you basics get BLOCKED. *evil laugh*


          TWITTER: Delilah@DelilahFBSM


Twitter rebranded as "X" cause Generation X still 

rules! DUUUUHHHH..




Questionable icks, shady providers,unoriginal goofy asses,

and all other annoying biatches & hobbyists too .. 

you will also be BLOCKED and believe me there's plenty of ya.


I follow only the most interesting coolest & realest ladies of the industry.

With the exception of who I'm already following on Twitter

 I find the majority of providers these days especially

 the ones based in DC/SF/NY/LV ,basically all metro cities

  in general to be dull,phony & ostentatious.I don't care if

you've been in the biz 5 or 20 years, YOU are equally annoying.


I find most millennial providers these days to be soft & sheltered

princessy,insecure complex, utterly boring, highly unoriginal,too serious

  devoid of any sense of humor or personality and always love

  to mention how "hot" they are,post daily selfies for likes.


  But the fake "high end" persona is over the top ridiculous

 .Of course plenty of just as equally annoying much older

 lady providers that I have no problem blocking as well.GROSS.




Not too mention the piece of mind you feel after blocking

the known twitter trolls ..Priceless.

I'm naturally drawn to down to earth gals and will 

gladly take and support rough around the edge,ghetto

 fabulous hood rat ladies of all ethnicities over WASPY pretentious

 classic all American, luxury,upscale,exclusive,elite,educated,it girl,social media influencer,phd,Ivy 

league,content creator,model,bon vivant, boarding school,muse,consultants.

(insert meaningless fluff adjective here)blah blah wanna be's

any day..If you come off rude or entitled, have a corny blue check mark 

you will be BLOCKED! Please don't make me laugh.No one should take themselves

*that* seriously EVER  cuz I sure as hell don't.  *Gag Me Face*

And I can guarantee, nobody but YOU  cares that you supposedly 

speak 4 languages and have 4 degrees..No need to put on airs..

I'm super particular about who I follow,engage

or interact with and do NOT follow these 

providers who blast their every move on SM.

 I kinda wanna punch a self proclaimed wimpy "it girl"

in the face.. now THAT would be fun..*evil laugh*

 If you bug me or I just find you or your posts dull,

 unoriginal,hella annoying in any way,shape or form

or you are basically just full of ish, you are BLOCKED.

 This also cuts down on all the worthless crap I see

 rolling through my timeline. That includes providers.

Especially if you post a wishlist / come off superficial/fake or

 bragadocious that will earn you an instablock.

 Nothing dries up my coochie faster than pointless

 arguing/debating politics on social media.

 and those that try to inject it into every online


Got that Elizabeth/ Rose/Stacy/ Stefania/Simone/Selena/Emma/Elouise/Claire/Serena/Laura/Nat

 Megan & Jack and all ya'll other annoying weirdos. UGH,why so many yt basics in the 

industry now??? LMAO.



Local SF Tip:

We have two seasons here-

Cold & Freaking Windy with the 

token mega hot day here & there

 thrown in for funsies..

the wind factor is off the charts,

So bring along your comfiest walking shoes 

& watch your step..  :p

SF is not a dressing up city.Hoodies,sneakers,

 ball caps /beanies & multi layers are your friend.

It's not a big secret that downtown SF 

is kind of  dystopian disaster these days..

Pack your heat or stun gun & leave your 

valuables in your hotel room & keep your

head on a swivel .These times be 

CRAZY I tell ya! 


And please for the love of gawd, 

don't call it San Fran or Cali 

We natives HATE that..  :p

East Coasters are notorious for 

this, Man ya'll are an annoying bunch.

 Just playin',some of you dudes 

(ESPECIALLY NY & DC dudes) are

actually some of my most FAVORITE

visiting clients out there and I truly

thankyou for your generosity..





Thankyou to my friends that love to lavish me 

 year round whether near or far just because..

I LOVE you!  

Or for those who stalk my 

 website DAILY without ever having intent 

to book an appointment,at least have the decency 

to send a gift card,it's the least you can do,

I  monitor IP's/analytics and can narrow down who you are

 and where you are (whether UK, Frankfurt,GA,Den,Toronto,NV,

TX,Tenn,AZ,KC,Florida,SEA,East coast,Philly,or Carolinas,DC)

Oh hi China IP, You again? Yeah,you're a special kind of annoying.

 including you nosey lady providers that don't follow,

but still lurk.. NOTHING is

private,you can still be tracked,so you are only

 fooling yourself with the VPN, duck duck go f yourself/



My favorite(E) gift cards :Please send to my

email: [email protected]

Any cards sent to me can also be used

 towards a deposit on your next session

with me..Win Win!


*Z-Gallerie/World Market-Art-Decor


*Spa Finder/Truly Beauty-Gorgeous

*Coffee,Bean & Tea Leaf-Coffee 

*HUM/Garden of Life/Om-Health & Wellness

*Thrive Market/Misfits Market-Eats 

*Southwest Airlines/Hawaiian Air-Travel







*Vanilla Gift-ALL


P.S I am currently looking to update my website and am

 in search of a local techie/seo specialist

and will gladly trade a massage session value


for your expertise. This offer is good only on your

second appointment. Let's chat! 






Your Spicy & Sensual Minx,