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*FYI-My availability will be somewhat limited in the next several months, as I will be persuing some 

life long creative endeavors & passions of mine that will be taking up a lot of my personal time,

thankfully most of my classes are very flexible with scheduling,so I can make YOU a top priority.



I put a lot of time and effort into my site and it's content,if you are not original enough or lack the  intelligence to come up with your own creative content then you should probably pay a professional to help out with your social media,websites and etc.Copying others just

makes you look lame.It's actually comical how many chicks in this biz have no imagination to come up with

their own unique hobbies,interests and photoshoots anymore.

 What a shame how these so called much older "elite" & "model"(blah blah blah) ladies that have been in the business awhile should know better.

 It's too bad your business is slow and you're that unoriginal,but don't be that person.

It speaks volumes about your character.Just a thought.



Anyways.....Moving On                                                                                    


Hello Business Travelers & Tourists!


Welcome to my beautifully crafted,easy to navigate website created and designed by yours truly-

Some of you might remember me from my original Craigslist & Backpage days,yep,it's me,I'm still

around.Glad you found me! Now read on...




Looking for the ultimate in a sensual massage connection? Based,established with a stellar & consistent reputation and serving up good old fashioned 5 star full body sensual massage 

fun in the SF Bay Area since 2008 ,I offer a CMT quality swedish style(non therapeutic)relaxing massage along with plenty of slow, erotic edging and 

teasing tailored just for you so if you're looking for a deep tissue,strong pressure massage, I do not offer that modality..There's no one gold standard when it comes to FBSM,everyone has their own unique style and technique and being strong,sensual and intuitive,I tend to 

go with the natural flow of things..Although not formally trained in Tantra,I am often told my massage style is very similiar to a tantra experience.My sessions are always 100% all about YOU!




I love meeting men from all walks of life and cater to well mannered gentlemen from the corporate CEO's to the hardworking blue collar

fellas and everything in between from the young to the young at heart(18-100)Believe me,

I'm not here to judge your occupation,ethnicity,weight or age,this is not Match.com..HAHA.

ALL are welcome! I'm very newbie friendly as well.


~APPOINTMENTS: For those interested in prebooking in advance by VM or email,please leave your name,how you heard about 

me,day/time/duration of appointment,incall or outcall & contact number...


~ SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS: I prefer a phone call. I'm a very spontaneous person by nature, I generally need one to two hour  

notice,sometimes less,cancellations do happen from time to time and who knows if the stars align,it may just be your lucky day!


~BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT: If you are emailing me,I require the following:





(I do not accept PROTON email)






For those wishing to visit me at my incall location, My long time preferred method of screening is a Linkedin acct.or company

profile website with current photo and info to verify you.NO EXCEPTIONS..From personal experience

I have found gentlemen that are open and forthcoming with their personal information to be overall 

ideal clients all around..Do NOT use my name as a ref,unless you are a long time established regular friend,and 

you clear it with me first.




Rest assured,all info you send me is safe and secure and I keep it strictly confidential.Not only am I an

exceptionally private person,I pride myself on being trustworthy,ethical & reliable.

This is for my own peace of mind...


~INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS: When calling from your mobile phone number,it is imperative

that you also leave me a voicemail with hotel/room number,first AND last name,otherwise,

no complete info,no appointment..if I am unable to reach you 

directly by calling your cellular number for some reason.THANKYOU!




~CANCELLATIONS: I realize that things come up,life happens etc.

If you must cancel the same day,I will require a 50% deposit 

made payable through a Visa GC that will be added to your next

appointment..Thankyou for your understanding.








~INCALL-A cozy space located downtown and just minutes from Union Square.


~OUTCALL-Available to ALL hotels..Room service rendezvous delivered to the privacy,comfort

and convenience of your own hotel room..Please be freshly showered (hold the cologne thankyou) 

 "scent-free", as it has a tendency to set off my allergies and I would really hate to be a mood 

killer ,in your hotel bath robe or towel if one is provided,and the room set 

to a nice & comfy 70 degrees,NO A.C. please and ready to relax in style..

Please add $40 travel free to all calls to the Fisherman's Wharf &

Japantown area hotels..


~NOW available for outcalls to 5 star hotels located in Emeryville,

Oakland & SFO area htoDeposit required. 2 + hours notice required.


~All outcalls after 10:00pm, please be prepared to

add an additional $100 courtesy fee.



P- 411 ID-P125853

Newbies:Please contact me directly through the site.



60 Fabulous Minutes: $240

90 Fabulous Minutes:$300



Mutual Touch-Fetish-Roleplay

(Please add additional $100)



*Two hour appointments require a 

25% deposit to reserve your time 

with me..THANKYOU!




My FBSM sessions include the following:

(swedish style massage,edging,b2b,

erotic,sensual only )

Foot fetish/light roleplay incorporated

on occasion..

No FS + or escort services offered.

 Not now,not ever..Capiche? ;)


If you make any reference to acronynms,

hobby boards,or other hobby board

nonsense,all communication will

be halted and we will not be 







*Calling is best for same day appts

*Emailing is best for advanced bookings

*Texting is reserved for established friends only


*All after hours correspondence (emails-texts-VM)will

be returned the following morning after 11:00am &

after the coffee has kicked in of course... :)




Last call is 9pm..

I am more night owl than early bird,so any 

morning appointments are available starting at 11am..

This lioness needs her beauty sleep..


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The One And Only,